Kim lapacek

Lapacek's Orchard:

From August 15th until the day before Thanksgiving you can visit the apple shop at our orchard.

It's a family affair, and you'll find members of our extended family happy to help all over the site.

In addition to my crafts and those of other local artists, you'll find delicious fresh apples, caramel apples, apple cider donuts, unpasteurized cider, canned goods, apple accessories, and so much more.

It’s a great place to bring your family to play on the equipment, meet the animals, and go for a stroll through the orchard. 

Persimon Dreams

About Kim Lapacek

I am a mother, wife, artist, apple orchardist, retired civil engineer, and entrepreneur. 

While quilting is my main creative endeavor, I also make jewelry, dabble in painting, paper crafts, and many many other things. You can find a sampling of that creativity for sale in my Etsy shop Persimon Dreams or in our Poynette, Wisconsin apple orchard's shop during the fall apple season.

I’m a HUGE fan of online quilt alongs. Participating in them has really helped me hone my piecing skills and encouraged me to try things I never thought I would try (ie: New York Beauty Blocks). Also, they’ve been great for helping me use my scrap stash! 

In 2010 I dreamed up Project QUILTING, and since then hundreds of quilts have been created and thousands of dollars worth of prizes have been awarded.

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm about creativity through teaching, lecturing, and blogging.

Why the name Persimon Dreams?

Well, I chose Persimon after my third daughter Persimoni. I did run it by the older girls first so they wouldn’t feel bad and they okayed the name – it helps too that we don’t actually call her Persimoni ... we call her Pip.  We didn’t put two m’s in her name like the fruit, persimmon, so I didn’t put two in my name either.

The "dreams" portion of my name comes from where many ideas emerge: in my sleep, especially in the dreams right before I wake. Inspiration and ideas have come to me countless times this way, and I know I can count on my dreams to help me create.

My family: 

I have an incredible husband, Jared, who unconditionally supports my ideas and craziness: When I tell him I’m out of room for storing supplies he doesn’t tell me to stop buying more or to use what I have – instead, he builds more shelves. When I’m being cranky he sends me to my workroom, knowing that I need creative time. Plus he can build almost anything I dream up!

We have three beautiful, high-energy daughters: Mercedi, Capri, and Pip. You'll see them all over my blog, and they're the cutest random-name-drawing system I've seen yet.